Monday, 31 January 2011

Monday Weigh in

This morning I was down to 118.4kgs (262lbs or 18 stone 9lbs)

This is cool as when I resumed my band journey in October in earnest I weighed 122kgs (269lbs or 19stone 3)

I am being very careful with this fill. Yesterday I had soup and liquids or yogurt all day and then about 11pm I had about a cup of mashed potato with some creamy coleslaw.

Today I had a berroca during my workout at the gym. I don't really like them, so putting it in the sports bottle meant that I did actually finish it. We fast walked 5k, rowed 5k and cycled 5k with a little bit of PowerPlate wiggling and some random tries of other machines to see what they were like. Then for lunch TB had made a nice soup, but it was too 'whole' for me with big lumps of veg in. The spoonful I did eat was really tasty, but I just couldn't eat any more after the first bite. I know from old that I never used to be able to eat before about 4pm, so I came home and the soup finally passed through the stoma. I had a couple of coffees and tea and then a can of mushroom soup for very late lunch.

I haven't got a clue what to do for dinner tonight, But I think I am going to make an old favorite - Pasta with spinach, Philadelphia and bacon. I don't know how much I will manage but I will take my time as always, and chew chew chew!

I think I actually might have a working band. Who would have thought it!! HURRAH!


  1. Great loss, really pleased that everything is working out for you.

  2. hoorayyyyyyyyyyy :) Mine has changed a lot over I can eat stuff now that i couldn't before. Luck with it all.


  3. Brilliant!! You star you...

  4. lol and about time too! Yayyyy