Saturday, 29 January 2011

Lapband Fill with pictures (the shame!)

Well today I done got me a cheeky fill!

I now have 6.5mls in my band. I had a little freak out earlier as I glugged some orange juice and it just sat there. ARGHHHHHHHH and for an hour it was sat sitting there and in the end had to barf. Since then all has been well. I vaguely remember that orange juice can have that effect. I think I had had a milky coffee earlier so it could have curdles with it... who knows. But at present its all ok.

Here follows a grotesque (i.e. my guttage) section of photos of me having a fill. it was a bad angle ok????!!! My lovely husband is to blame!

All sorted. I hate having to roll down my trousers to my caesarian scar hang over point. Its so humiliating!! Oh well, never mind. Soon I will be a scrawny bint! YAY thanks Jane!


  1. Great pics!! you saw mine :) an uppy downy one.

    Great luck with this fill...and take it eaaasssyyyy :)


  2. Wow, I can't recall whether my surgeon uses gloves, but I don't think so!! Thx for posting, very interesting, though looks painful-- and from all of my fills: I know it is PAINLESS!

  3. Glad things have settled down. I didn't notice a Caesarean scar, and Steve and Keith didn't seem too bothered by it either x

  4. LOL! It was painless as ever but they do look excruciating dont they? I think I would have freaked out had I seen fills on the internet prior to banding. But they never hurt me at all.

    Thanks for the comments chums x