Monday, 27 April 2009

Going back to basics

Ok darlings, Bunny's going back to basics.

Its simply out of frustration at not being able to eat jack that has got me into this state.

I truly didn't know that people out there in band land drink-eat their breakfasts and often lunches and its made me feel a lot better knowing that fact.

So as of today I am going to try and turn over a new leaf and deal with the eating situation as it is. I cant afford to change it (i.e. get all the fluid out for a cool £100), and its only making me the most miserable beeyatch I know fighting the band to armageddon and back.

The only other option is to go with it.

So today I had a coffee for brekkie, and some chicken noodle soup for lunch. I like chicken noodle soup because I can drink the liquidy part and get the band eased a bit so that the noodles slip down in there too. I think I will make pasta puttanesca tonight - who would call a sauce Prostitute sauce...

No seriously thinking about it, only the prossies would know the recipe right? So if my husband came home and said "Hey darling, why not try putting tomato, capers, red peppers and lemon - hey throw in some tuna to the pasta tonight hey?" I would ask him where he got the recipe... "Oh, you know some prostitutes made it for me whilst I was at the whore house getting my rocks off you know". Yeah of COURSE he would say that!! To be honest I would wonder that any Italian man in 1600 would come back with a recipe for anything. I am sure its just been glamorised. It's probably 'housewife sauce' in all reality. I cant see that the prostitutes would have any 'different' ingredients to the general population. So seriously - how DID that name get into common circulation. I am pretty sure that no-one would have promoted it as that. I even did wikipedia on it and I don't believe it at all.

My finger is still splinted. Its still killing me, and I hate the gravel drive more now than I even did. It has got to be block-paved to within an inch of its life. You know it didn't even apologise for tripping me up!! How very dare it.

I have kitties are climbing up my legs right now. They certainly got over their nasty toxoplasmosis thing. Poor little babies! If I hadn't taken them to the vets they would have died. Apparently there are so many kittens born with it that they are called 'fading kittens' and apparently a lot of people just think they were not born right, or defective and aren't going to survive and have them put down. So sad that it isn't widely known. For the sake of 2 weeks antibiotics all 4 are perfect again.

We also picked up our little puppy Geoffrey yesterday and he is adorable.
I will post a photo of him on here when I get the card thingy out.

So, I'm hanging in there. Thanks for all your messages. And Tina... I am holding you to that drink! ;o)

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  1. Glad that your kittens are well...bless.

    Well done you (not meaning to sound patronising!) for restarting. sometimes it's really hard to give something another try when you feel it hasn't worked the first time. But haven't we all tried to loose weight so many times before and then done it again in a different way?

    New day, new start, yesterday is in the past and the future is yours for the taking.

    good luck