Saturday, 25 April 2009

Oh boy

...well, I am typing with a broken finger. I know that sounds lame, but TRUST me, it's totally terrible.


Tragically, there is no wicked amazing story to go with it. I just fell over at my doorstep - and No! I wasn't drunk either!!!

We got back from the cinema yesterday and I got the shopping out of the car then my ankle rolled over on the stupid gravel and that's it. Two very bruised knees, a sprained shoulder and a fractured middle knuckle on my left hand.


Not fair man.

It was a totally RUBBISH day too. Started off excellent. I was lying in bed reading 2 Joanne Harris novels (Sleep Pale Sister and The Evil Seed, and yes I read two books at a time... I like to chop and change every half hour!) then whilst relaxing at 11:05am I remembered I had an opticians appointment at 11:25. IN THE NEXT TOWN.

So I raced off, got my eyes tested and ordered my prescription etc and then raced back as I was looking after a friends daughter for the day.

All was cool, we went to see Monsters V Aliens in 3D and it was on exiting the car after returning home that I did the ankle rick/falling over clumsy bit.

So I have a fracture to my PIP joint which will require 6-8 weeks in a splint and the therapy.


Today I tried to go to work. I got to my first appointment and decided I would never make it out of the village, so went home and told everyone they were welcome to come to my house, but there was no way I could get to theirs. They were all pretty cool about it, but only 2 of them actually came to have a lesson here. Ho humm.

When DH got home we decided to have a BBQ. We went off to Rainbow and bought some beef steaks, pork chops and sausages. When we returned Danie decided that HE was the KING of BBQ and told be how I was going wrong etc and how the fire was too hot and that to Brai or whatever they call it is like a ritual to them, and really really REALLY MUGGED ME OFF.

What a caveman. Seriously. I cannot believe that there are people out there who hate black people and think Women should be told what to do and Men are the best.

To be honest, I quite like a bit of "Oh honey, you sit down, I'll do this... its not good for you", but not to this extent. What a PIG IGNORANT SWINEHUND.

He is such a racists its unbelievable. I will not even tell you what he has said about black people in South Africa because its just so disgusting. He has only been here 6 weeks and I cant wait for him to go. He spent the last 10 days in SA and it was PURE bliss. The arrogant shmuck. His poor wife - seriously!!

So they are going on Thursday because they have found a flat. This is all his idea. She knows that its madness to take on a flat when she doesn't have a job and he hasn't even received his first pay cheque, but he knows what is best for them all. Idiot.

Web have a Romanian truck driver moving in on the 2nd May which should be good. Back to normal hopefully.

band - forget it. I wish the thing wasn't there.


  1. I can't stand racism, it is the lowest. Why is the band not working for you?


  2. Wow, hope you feel better soon. Do you really wish the band wasn't there? I bless my band every day for what it's helped me achieve. Cheers, Mel