Saturday, 22 September 2012

So Close I can smell it...

Today I weighed 101.2kgs.

I told DH that I would go to badminton and join his club when I hit 100kgs... so only 1kg away from that right now. That's kind of scary, but kind of exhilarating too.

I am blonde, thinner that I have been in 3 years and feeling very very good right now.

My MAJOR GOAL, in case you don't know is 97kgs. It's an incredible achievement to have lost 22kgs and get to 100kgs (which I will hopefully get by next week) but 97 is the one for me. 97kgs was my lowest I ever got with my Lap band, and I am amazed I am doing it without the band and its so easy. I have shed nearly 15kgs since May and I am so amazed with myself. I truly thought that I was lost forever in a sea of fatness.

I am hitting the gym hard too. I am trying to go 4 times a week, and am trying to burn at least 500 calories each time I work out. that usually amounts to 50 minutes workout, but occasionally I go to 65 minutes to get 700 calories busted!!

Yesterday was a 700cal day. The reason for this was because I wanted a comfort food day. I have now figured that I can have blow out days and eat quite a lot of crap (within moderation) and still lose weight which is sooo cool, as long as I up the gym.

Yesterday I really fancied Rice & Sauce. This is a pretty hefty meal because the rice is 355 calories in itself and the sauce is practically as calorific as lard! Can you believe that? The sauce that I have with my rice is 740 calories for 100g!!

Its a fermented soy bean and chilli sauce from Lao Gan Ma. It's a small jar that costs about £1.50 a jar and its hotter than hell. It is also unbelievably delicious. It's not like anything I have ever tasted and I adore it.

I had 30 grams of this stuff on my 100g of rice and whacked up 600cals just for my lunch.
It was divine, and for tea we had a takeaway - I had a Chicken Tikka Naan wrap with salad, mayonnaise & chilli sauce.

I washed it down with a bottle of red and the evening was complete.

Sometimes you just need to blow and comfort yourself, and that's the beauty of this diet I am doing... I can eat whatever the hell I want as long as I negate the excess with exercise or keep to the limit.
My calorie limit has reduced to 1445 calories a day now, so I must reign myself in. I am blown away by my weight loss this month though!

YAY! I think I will be slimming world slimmer of the month again :-)

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