Monday, 11 June 2012

Still plugging

Not been blogging but still been plugging away in the background :-)

Today the magic scales said 109.5!!!!

Yep, it's coming off at long last!

I love looking at the little weight chart on my ticker when you click it and on my livestrong weightloss chart as it just takes a nosedive since the 1st May.

1st May I weighed 115.7 and today 109.5 so that's 6.2 kgs in 6 weeks!!!

I did my 3rd radio show last Wednesday on 7th June. It still freaks me out I can't believe that I actually did it. My darling husband is so good to me. If he hadn't rang up the show I would never have got this motivation.

I am finding it very easy this time. Each day I stick to my calorie limit set by (which i think is just brilliant by the way) of 1560 -ish. If I didnt have a band it would be much more difficult for me to stick to this as I think hunger would be a massive problem.

I make sure that I stick to my calorie limit of 1560-ish and never go higher than my resting metabolic rate limit which is 1947.

That's it.

If you haven't tried livestrong, it's now pretty useable free of charge. It helps me keep track of my food, water, exercise and there is a lot of motivational stuff on there too. It also helps you notice what kind of things you are eating by giving you a pie chart of where your calories are coming from and you can then make smarter choices to lower fat and up protein and carbs.

Now, whilst doing this i have also tried not to go too far below my 1560-ish limit because I think that's counterintuitive.

Some days my calories are around 950 so I go out and have a big bar or chocolate, or luxury yoghurt or some Doritos and dip... Anything that gets me up to my lower limit but treats me beyond belief... I feel amazing because I am getting the double dopamine hit of staying on track, but having a controlled pig out too :-)

I know that sticking to 1560-ish will mean I lose weight and that's as simple as it gets.

The lady I'm working with says that I should have all the fluid removed from my band, but I think that without the band being a little bit tight I would suffer some serious hunger pangs and I would not be a very happy bunny!

What I'm actually going to do, is make sure that I have the band tightened as i lose weight and start to feel hunger and then I think the band will be working with my body how its supposed to and i can keep working within my calorie limits onwards to my goal.

The reason I say my calorie limit is 1560-ish is because every time I weigh in on, the calorie limit changes.

Four weeks ago it started out as 1590, and each time I weigh in it goes down by a couple of calories here in there.

This is also the reason why I will not have the fluid removed from my band. If I have the Fluid removed from my band, and the calories I am allowed to ingest gets lower and lower I will be out of my mind with hunger.

As I lose weight I will need the band tightened so that I don't get that empty feeling and I can stick to the new and constantly declining lower calorie limits.

BUT, I also know that as I lose weight I would also have advantage of being able to eat more if I moved more.

I think it's reasonable to assume I am not going to carry on losing weight each week without it, and by burning a few calories here and there, it will mean I can eat more as my calorie limit declines.

It's not going to be easy to keep eating less and less even with the help of the band, so that is going to have to happen.

Because of this I have bought another treadmill.

Boy do I wish I hadn't sold the last one!!! This one is not as sturdy or nice to look at and has way less functions than my old one but cost £50 more!!! Mind you I bought the old one 6 or 7 years ago so £50 is not much when you think about it I guess.

So that's what's happening over here ban/diet wise.

Life wise? Normal chaos!

We had a new lodger moving in last Monday. He was splitting from his partner and it was all quite sad. Katie moved out on Sunday afternoon so I spent the rest of the day boiling bedding and pillows and trying to get them dry in this miserable English weather...

Then on the morning he was supposed to move in, he texts me and says "sorry to muck you about, but I have sorted it with the Mrs and won't be needing the room" That was it.


Great for him, but just great for me too... I turned down 4 others for him :-(

Well annoyed.

I called the others who were interested but they had all found rooms. It took another week to find someone - the longest ever - and the new chap moved in last night. Spanish guy and seems nice so far.

We continue....


  1. So glad it all seems to be working for you. I agree that you should keep the band to help you cope with your head...
    (Re lodgers - aren't they supposed to pay something in advance??)

  2. hoorayyyyyyy :) I love your plan and might just be heading your way as well to get these bloomin add on pounds off. We are never done you know??? I am glad the radio program helped you get a boost in all of this.

    Oh I totally agree with you on the band and fill front. That coach woman is crazy to think you should just undo everything. Having all of your tools at hand is by far the best path in my opinion.