Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Grubs up!

Some photos of the meals I have enjoyed over the last couple of weeks... and before you say it - yes I am banded, and yes I am restricted, and yes I CAN eat this. I don't know if my band is different to every other one in the world, but I am able to eat this lot, and lose weight. BUT I have to be very careful and count every morsel that passes my lips without cheating.

This is not what I thought banded life would be, and this is maybe why I have been going wrong for years trying to get this thing sorted... But, hey ho, its off with the weight we go!

This morning... 108.7kgs!

A new number and a whole 7kgs since May 1st 2012.... 6 weeks and VERY pleased!

BBQ time the Lovely Summery English Rain

A New Favourite - Chicken Stir Fry with Curry Powder as opposed to Chinese based sauces
Yummy protein lunch - Spaghetti in tomato sauce with grated cheese and a fried egg! Mmmmm
Baked Potato and cheese with a mega salad - romaine lettuce, celery, pepper, onion, cucumber, tomato and asparagus

My new friend the egg salad - what a filler and low in calories too! Yummy

Ok, so they are a few of my meals... we have had a lot of different stuff - fish, meat, veg, soups, stews and all kinds of things, but these i have snapped when I thought about it. I am counting every calorie I eat and I am sticking before the mid 1500's.

Today my calorie limit is 1544, so its edging ever downwards, as is my waistline... so today I did 15 minutes on my brand new and rather compact (hopefully not crap) treadmill and burned 125 cals giving me a whopping 1675 cals to use today - YAY

Having the Ki Fit armband from helped me today because i used it when I worked out and it told me that i burned 125 cals as opposed to the calories that the treadmill told me - 75. It works with your body and can tell exactly what you are burning which is brill.

Anyway, I am astounded with little old me for keeping this up for such a long time. The first 2 weeks after the first radio show I was piddling around but not getting any slimmer really... the main work has definitely been since 14th May. That's when I really got my shit together and gave it my all, so for a month I have been working like a demon at it and the results are awesome...

Check out my graph:
This shows me resuming band control in October 2010 on the left and the slow progress towards the right and then the gradual gaining of a few pounds up to May 2012 then WALLOP!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at that sucker!

I am hitting this hard friends, long may I continue! Bikini on the beach in December?

I think so!!!!


  1. You star! Love the look of your meals. I've found in the last week to my surprise that my band is allowing me a hamburger but NOT the chips. I haven't eaten hamburger in years, so enjoyed it, and felt quite satisfied without the chips - in fact even to the point of leaving a small portion of the bun.

  2. That chicken stir fry looks great! I too can eat most things with my band. I get into trouble when not paying attention. Great Job!!!

  3. thanks girlies xx

  4. When I blog....i do better with my healthy lifestyle...they just go hand in hand