Monday, 9 July 2012

Downward ho.

This morning I was 107.3kgs (236.5lbs - 16 stone 12 & a half)

When I went on the radio on 1st May I weighed 115.7 (255lbs  or 18 stone 3)

Just  10 weeks later I am 8.4kgs lighter!!! (18.5lbs or 1 stone 4 & a half)


It's going really well, I am feeling happier and I think even taking more care of myself even though it is a bit of a slog.

I am still logging every single morsel that passes my lips on and that makes staying in control very easy.

I always try and meet my daily calorie goal of (at the moment) 1500 cals and if I come in under this then I top it up with chocolate.

I have very rarely gone over the limit and when I have, I have stayed below my resting metabolic rate of 1947cals.

Here are some meals:

Minted lamb kebabs with curried rice, beans and peppers

One of my lunch options:
Tuna and mayo sandwich with BBQ rice cake, Mint chocolate biscuit and some olives

Surimi (fish stick) Salad with cocktail sauce

Just delicious. I must admit it's not hard to do, I'm not hungry because the band helps out with that and although I do fancy a Chinese or a curry now and again, it's meant our food budget for the week has gone down dramatically by not ordering dinner.

I think we have had Chinese twice and Indian twice in those 10 weeks. Not bad when I was a 4 time a week take out girl!!!
I have also re activated my gym membership which is £20 a month for off peak membership. I think that is amazing value and I go three times a week and work out for an hour. I set the treadmill to 'random hills' so it goes up and down all the time and varies from hard to totally fine throughout the workout and it switches off after I have done 450 calories which mainly turns out to be roughly 50 minutes each time.

I think I have lost more weight this week that any previous week because of it. We shall see as I go to slimmingworld tomorrow for weigh in.

I cant think what to make for dinner tonight, but I am thinking a salad of some kind as I had a tuna sandwich for lunch. It's my new favourite... 1 can of tuna, loads of extra low fat mayo, vinegar to make it all wet and gooey and ALL stuffed in 2 thick slices of bread for 450 calories followed with a light alpen bar. Yum.

If I have a salad it means I can partake of an enormous 125g bar of Cadburys Dairy Milk and still be within my calorie goal for the day... that's with a couple of gin and tonics too :-)

Love it! 


  1. Bunny I'm soooo pleased for you - and you sound so much happier. That's a lot of weight to lose! Keep chugging on. Your menu pics are nice, I must say...

  2. wahooo Bunny. I wish you continued success with the weight loss and all of the other stuff you have going on :)


  3. Thank so much guys! You both well know how long it's taken to get my head right and ready for this thing and I am so glad you both didn't getnfednup with my endless whining!!! Love you both xxxx

    Hugs Bunny!