Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Thanks guys!

Thanks Caroline and Tina. I love you both. I can't seem to view comments or post comments either, so I have to write my thank you's here. And as for the band tightness etc, yeah I think everything is ok. I have had this particular fill since April 2011. I was a little higher in April and it's been pretty much like that since then. I am never hungry at all which is good, and I can eat stuff carefully and I get the full feeling too so I think it's actually pretty damn near perfect sweet spot which is scarily wierd to say out loud!!

What I think the problems are:
too many cup-a-soups
take away food
holiday for 2 weeks!!

However, I gave up work YAYAYAYAYAY about 12th December as it was just too much. We were pretty much living on take out or quick meals as I was totally and utterly knackered on a daily basis. As I havent been blogging for some months, theres a lot of stuff you guys dont know about. Anyway, I was ill for a long time through October and November and then at a hospital appointment early December I was given a blow and a set back re my Lupus and other issues with my foot etc... I broke down when I got home and told DH that enough was enough and he could work 3 freaking jobs if thats what it took but I was finished. He took it pretty well and we rang up my pupils that day and said that was it. I had a few going through exams which took me up until 12th December and then I worked the next 10 days in our shop and ran errands every which way here and there until we went to Lanzarote.

Then we chilled out and calmed down and get to grips with stuff. Since we have been back, which is nearly 2 and a half weeks, I have been cooking each day, keeping on top of the housework and generally feeling better.

The first week we were back was pretty hectic as while we were away the Sky Tv broke, the fence blew down, one of our lodgers (the second one in 2 months) did a bunk, our other lodger who has been here 3 years who we love to death gave her notice that she was moving in with her sister as they had got a place together sorted and our dog had his paw torn apart in the kennels he had been staying at which thrice weekly trips to the vets and 8 times in the first 10 days we were home!

But, I managed. I coped and held it together even though it was flaming pandemonium. This week has been so much more relaxed, even though DS has been sick with either Campylobacter. They think the latter as none of us have started puking or crapping ourselves - thank heavens!

As everything has been on a pretty even keel. Not working means I can take my timeto do my wifely domesticated bit, and also I am not shattered in the evening and can cook for the family, which is a big relief on the purse strings, and also on our bowels no doubt.

The fact that DS might have food poisoning does not mean my meals are kak though as everyone ate them and he's the only one who is ill!! HAHAH

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