Monday, 30 January 2012

low carb... again?

Well I have begun to low carb for a bit. My Lap Band fill lady - the lovely Jane - challenged me to low carb with her. She had a band years ago and has recently had a bypass from our surgeon Dr. Dillemans.

So together, as we kind of think in the same strange way, we are going to give low carb living a go.

Last night I cooked a Thai style curry - The whole thing had about 35g of carbs in  and divided by 5 that was pretty great. The boys had their curry on Tagliatelle but I didn't have anything with mine which was just fine by me as it was really filling. Even though I didn't have any, I do love tagliatelle with Thai curry... it really makes it much more interesting and I find rice gets too bloating anyway.

So roundup of the week so far:

Planted 2 Oriental Hawthorn trees and 2 Weigela bushes next to the fence in the garden to stop the nosey old bag next door poking her nose into our garden. She is such a busy body. She also sings to herself and it's awful when you are in the garden reading... engrossed in your own time and space and you hear laaaadeee deee deee dummm de deeee coming from behind the fence in a warbling old biddy 1930's style sing song out of tune voice (think "When I'm calling Yooooooooo oooooooooo ooooooooh!" - you know, the singing that made the aliens heads explode on Mars Attacks!).

She does this singing bit to announce her presence in your time and space and then then pops her head over the fence and starts chatting at you about nothing. Well she wont now, cos in the summer there will be leaves covering the WHOLE of the fence area. It was worth £100 a tree to make sure they were big and broad enough to keep her ugly mug out. Hurrah!

Charlotte is moving out, currently spreading the agony over 3 or 4 days. She has got practically everything out of the room now, just the last few bits and bobs to go. It's like the end of an era. she has been here for nearly 3 years and we love her to pieces. She isn't moving far away, only to another house in the village with her sister, so we will see her about from time to time I am sure. When she lost her job that made her more money than us collectively, she really felt the pinch and it's been hard for her this last year to afford her car payments and rent etc. The last few months have been late and she still owes me £30 from last months rent. So her sister offered her her old room back in the family home (long story - hated her mum & step dad, moved out at 16 and couch surfed for couple of years, got own place, too hard to manage on own, moved in with us) as her mother no longer lives there. So she has a bigger room for all her stuff and it's less rent etc. Plus she loves her sister to death so it will be lovely for her really.

We will really miss her, but that's life.

Next weekend we have K moving in. She is moving into the double room, and M who is currently in the double room is moving into Charlotte's old room. We have brand new furniture and have to totally redecorate as it was horrendous! For nearly 3 years the carpet has been preserved under 8 inches of clothes, shoes and handbags, but the walls bear the tell take marks of make up and fake tan applications of a near daily basis.

This year we have had a tumultuous lodger situation.

When Al (the mad German scientist) left we got S(38yrs). He was here for about 10 weeks and then fell in love and left to live with her in Lincoln.
Then B(23yrs) reserved the room for a September move in date which left the room empty for about 8 weeks.
Between S moving out and B moving in, we had 'Mario & Luigi' (23yrs & 51yrs) the Plumbers from Newcastle. They were the skanky ones who made me have to throw out an actual BED when they left.

I instigated their departure after 6 weeks and had 2 weeks with it vacant and my mum and dad came up for a bit. Then when B moved in everything was cool. then she lost her job.

B moved out and C(19yrs) moved in. C did a moonlight flit. Told us she was going away with work for 10 days, and had I not had to go in her room to get something from the storage cupboard, would have been none the wiser for ages! Her room was totally empty. She had paid up and I was even holding £100 deposit but she never bothered to tell us she was going, and I haven't heard from her since. I know she is alive as (although not her friend) I can see her profile pic on facebook has changed!

Then after C buggered off, we got S(36yrs). S was great and worked locally. We went on holiday to Lanzarote on xmas day leaving him and Charlotte in the house and we came home and everything was hunky dory. The Monday after we got home, we noticed S was still in his room when he should have been at work. He was avoiding us a little bit and slept through dinner. Was still in his room Tuesday and then when I went out, he left. Took all his stuff and buggered off too!!!

I couldn't believe it! 2 in a row!!! I text him and he said he had also lost his job and couldn't face telling me, but thanked me for having him and making him welcome, which is more than I got from C!

Then M moved into the room. He is having a trial separation. He might be here a week, or a year we have no idea. Really nice guy and we are just playing it week to week. The reason he is being demoted to the single room is purely that before M came to look at the room K booked it from 4th Feb. He gets to have a nice new room through which is always nice I think.

I haven't decided what colours I am going with yet, but I am thinking a warm cream colour. I have to buy all new linen as Charlotte never cleaned her room, or washed her linen in 3 years and I just threw it all out. Young women these days can be so utterly gross. They look amazing when they go out, all neat and lovely, but their rooms are actual health hazards. Lets just say - I don't need to go and buy and cups plates or mugs this year as I have suddenly gained back all the ones I thought must have broken. Oh and I found most of my cutlery set from my wedding in there too welded to plates from long ago eaten (and in some cases no eaten) dinners. Seriously skanky!

Anyway, it's all change and it will be nice to have a fresh start again. However, but the law of averages... hopefully we will have some nice longer term lodgers for a bit. I hate breaking in new lodgers! Hosting 9 different lodgers in one year is just pants!

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  1. your lodgers are moving in and out eh?

    The low carb thing is working (mostly) for me. I tend to fall off the wagon with hormones (this weekend for sure). Have you tried quinoa instead of pasta or rice? I helps me stay sane on low carb.

    My husband is swearing by his high fat low carb lifestyle (I am somewhere in the middle at this point).

    Good luck!!!