Saturday, 21 May 2011

Yay another number on the scales!!

Man the weighing in Kilo's thing is really working magic on my dumb brain. I cannot believe I have managed to fool it since October and it still hasn't found out!

I have no idea why but it just makes me feel AMAZING when I see the scale move from 113.3 to 112.9 today. We are talking realistically 400 grams. But I don't give a shit! It's a whole 0.4kgs!!!! 4 places on the scale!! My dumb brain that has been using stones and pounds all it's life sees this as being truly earth shattering!

Before when I was weighing in lbs and I saw a 4 point shift it meant 4 pounds. It was a complete psych out when that happened. I would then be so drastically disappointed at losing half a pound. It would feel like everything I had been doing was for absolute nothing, shove me into a fit of depression and slam my face into a chocolate fudge brownie or 8.

changing to Kilo's means I feel stoke on very little weight loss. The numbers change so quickly that it feels like I am really getting places. I know I am actually going very very slow actually, but the trend has only been down since December... that HAS to be a huge milestone in the history of this blog. I am letting my band work for me and just going with it. This has to be the first time I haven't fought the band since I had it inserted 4 years ago.

Ok, I went up a lot higher than my surgery weight, in fact i think I was back up to my heaviest weight ever... but since then I have lost 9.1 kilograms! I am really really happy with that. I am a quarter of the way there so even though it's taken me 6 months, I can see the end result of this nightmare journey in 18 months or so. 2 years in the grand scheme of things is no problem.

I feel positive and happy and glad all over! I will take some more pictures and add them to the weight loss photo gallery this weekend as it's nearly 10kgs! LOL.

Little non scale victories this past couple of weeks include my watch not being tight around my wrist and digging into me any more (or should I say it doesn't dig into me 'once again'!) and I can wear my bra's again without wanting to wear an oxygen backpack to help me breathe!

I refused point blank to buy new bras so I just stopped wearing them for the last 6 months. It has been hard stopping those bad girls from a bid to freedom at the gym, work, shopping etc, but I just was disgusted that I had put on so much weight that I could no longer fit into my 42GG bras. I was NOT going to buy 44 or even get one of those extensions. I just let them fly free!!

I got a dab hand at wearing smock tops and shirts that didn't give a shout out to my nips and when I was teaching I trussed myself up for a few hours. Whilst wearing the evil yolks I could not drink or eat, even for several hours after their removal. However, this week I shoved one on and was pleasantly surprised that I not only drank a coffee that a pupil made me, but didn't get home and rip the thing off and fling it on the counter but sat down and ate dinner with it on, and only realised I still had it on when we got ready for bed!

So, there must have been a bit of back/chest shrinkage. All I can say to that is AMEN!

So, hello to the 112's. Having been with the 113's a while I hope I am not with you for long, and roll on the 111's.


  1. Hooooraaayyyyyy~~~ I am so happy for you. You will be positively skinny when I see you in July.


  2. Brilliant loss, really good idea.

  3. Your bra NSV is an absolute hoot! Yay for your loss, well done!!!