Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Gym

I am struggling with the gym at the moment... not because it's hard work, or I hate it, or anything negative like that, but because I have hurt my foot really bad. I even went to A and E on Friday - during the Royal Wedding - to get it x-rayed.

My gym instructor says it's some kind of muscle thing and I didn't quite catch the name of it, but it was something like bla-bla-itis. It's the worst thing to happen to me right now.

Not only was I enjoying the gym, but we had been going regularly since 28th January 3 times a week and I had really improved my fitness levels. TB and I both started out lightly and didn't even break a sweat, but after a few sessions we really started to get going and I was doing 30 minutes on the treadmill at 5.3kph on random hills level 7!!! I was well pleased with myself. That was followed by 20 minutes cycling at level 9 and 75rpm and then 10 minutes rowing or mixed leg weights.

I was well chuffed with myself.

My foot had been playing up a lot, and it would be really really sore the next morning, but once I got going it would ease the knots out and would be ok. Any time I sat still for a bit, I would hobble for a while, but nothing really major. It was livable.

We went away on the 15th April for DS's Internet school residential weekend thing in Wales. It was awesome but meant that there was no gym on the Friday or the Monday. Wednesday went by as TB wasn't feeling great, and I had loads to do having been away for 4 days. Friday it was shut because of Good Friday, then Monday was shut too. The following Wednesday - 27th April by now - we went.

I typed in the usual 5.3 at level 7 on the teadmill and it nearly killed me. Those short 2 weeks had nuked my fitness level and I needed to slow it right down and we actually come home early as we were both dead! I was shocked actually at how quickly you lose fitness!

I was hobbling a bit afterwards, but no more than normal, but Thursday morning WOW! What a pain. It was so excruciating, I just stayed in bed and on the sofa. It KILLED!

On Friday, I managed to get through the wedding ceremony but googled foot problems during the hour wait for the balcony scene and came across the words "Stress Fracture" and got the willies! So we hot footed it (hee hee) to A and E with DH rightly thinking that most people would not be harming themselves currently as they would be watching the wedding. We got seen to really quickly and stuff and it wasn't broken, just sprained some of the muscles.

That didn't really help.. especially the usual "Take some ibuprofen..." which followed with me once again saying to a doctor who has ALL my notes... I CANT TAKE IBUPROFEN I HAVE A BAND YOU MORON.


So I popped some of my dads stash of codeine tabs he gave me now that he doesn't have pain from cancer and they knocked the pain on the head good and proper!

But today, I have been to the gym and my foot hurts now. Right now. Tomorrow its going to be criminal.

I was even really good at the gym and did 30 minutes walking at 4.3kph and no hills :-( and then 10 minutes rowing and 20 minutes bike at level 5. It seems it is still not low enough not to cause me pain.

This sucks.

On the other hand, I think to myself... it hurts anyway, so why not just suck it up. So shall be continuing until the tendon snaps or whatever and I cant do it any more!!!

I shall keep taking it easy and see how things go. Rubbish cos I only burnt off 300 cals today instead of 450.

I also have the squits today - think it was the tuna I had last night. Was a bit manky tasting.

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