Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Happy Bunny

Today, Bunny is most definitely happy.

I have lost 1.3kgs his week bringing me to 113.3kgs ... which is about 3 pounds and I am now a whole kg under my original Surgery weight which was 114.3

Just been to the gym and burnt off 350 calories too so feeling freaking smug.

Might take some more pictures of my carcass later on if I remember. I kind of want to get to 10kgs lost though so that I can see a good difference. I figure that if I take pctures every 5kgs, it will make an awesome photo shrinking montage.

Anyway, hope you're all doing ok and making progress with this little silicone baby. If you are not, then take heart and read back through this blog as its been hell quite frankly, but things are moving on down now!



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