Friday, 4 March 2011

Little deal

As opposed to a big deal!

The scales gave in an moved to 117.3kgs this morning. YAY. That means in just over a month I have done half a kilogram. So, like I said, little deal.

The gym was tough today for some reason. I found myself willing the time to go and I was really achy. I guess some days are just harder than others. Who knows.

Did my training for my new 'secret' job yesterday. I cant say what it is outright, because I can't draw attention to the fact that I am doing it and having it tied in with personal details and coming up on a google search, but it happens every 10 years, involves lots of questions... if you get my drift.

That was pretty cool. I am looking forward to it a lot actually.

Anyway, that's me checking in for now. Still alive, still not thin ;-)



  1. Good job! on all fronts!

  2. Well done on your loss!
    Hope that your 'secret' job goes well, I have no clue what it could be!

  3. Little deals lead to big deals, those are my words of wisdom for the week.
    Question: Will there be J.e.d.i. splinter groups this time?

  4. You're allowing comments!!! H U R R A Y !!!

  5. HAHA!! Yes I am! I thought seeing as I havent seen the nasty guy who used to comment for more than 4 years, might aswell change it back again! LOL.

    And... there is the possibility that people can put J.e.d.i this year... I think most people are optiong for d.r.u.i.d though word on the grapevine tells me! There is space to put what you are and also the option to choose e.n.g.l.i.s.h as a race!!!!!!! Last time it was just b.r.i.t.i.s.h, s.c.o.t.t.i.s.h, w.e.l.s.h or i.r.i.s.h so thankfully they have deemed e.n.g.l.a.n.d to be a nation now rather than a PC amalgamation.

    loving the . . . . . thingy. lol
    x bunny x

  6. WHOOOO movement on the scale - such a small(ish) thing can be the high on the list of happiness. Congrats xx