Monday, 7 March 2011

Bad weekend

Hello my old fruits. That's what I need to stick to - fruit!

Oh dear, it was a bit of a chocolate frosted weekend. I dunno about you guys but having restriction is GREAT!

O my gosh did you like EVER think you would hear me say that after 4 years of whinging about how rubbish this band is?

This weekend I felt like murder. I was post menstrual - goodness only knows why - and in need of crap to eat. I ate two large bags of minstrels (Caroline - we share that passion!), a couple of bottles of wine, 10 packets of quavers, a few packets of crisps, a curry, a Chinese and to top it off - rice and sauce - the yummy fermented bean sauce I love that's like 1000 cals a teaspoon! I was proper bloated on Friday and Saturday and Sunday. Mmmmm Yummy.

So after this spectacular fall from grace I was a little wary of the scales... so I hopped on just for laughs this morning. 117.3kgs HEEE HEEE!!! Exactly the same thank goodness! I am taking that and running with it.

I delved into this conundrum a little more - you know the one:

Eat dross, stay the same weight/lose weight

This is a common thread which I can never seem to grasp. I plugged in all my calories into and came up with an interesting fact. 

I ate less than 2500 calories each day!

Because of the band, although I wouldn't want to do it all the time, I ate a load of crap and was still under my calorie goal. Before the band before my band was fixed and I had the right restriction I was eating all my meals + CRAP.

I am not going to lie, my eating is pretty rough sometimes, but I am glad that I now know that Albert is helping me with damage limitation. I went to bed full as a stuffed feather pillow. I could not possibly have eaten anything else. It just wasn't possible for me to over eat at the weekend!

So ladies... this is what it's like to have a lapband huh? I like it!

Anyway, after 3 days of bingeing on junk foods, this morning my mouth feels like Ghandi's flip flop and I am craving salad and water and fruit (some chance!) and water and veg and water. Water mainly! I am off to the gym later so have a great monday everyone!

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  1. Bloomin' 'eck - when did you taste Gandhi's flip flop then? I liked that one. Oh Minstrels, you are the death of me.... I'm assuming you're talking about the full size packet not the pathetic tiny ones... One bag and I feel liverish the following morning... like a hangover... Thank goodness for restriction.
    Have a lovely week! Spring on the way!!