Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Things are plugging on as normal around here.Nothing much to report on the band front, or the weightloss front except that I am probably eating too many calories... I think I should be eating about 1600 per day to lose a couple of pounds a week.... so going by that I figure that I must be exceeding this somewhat! LOL

I haven't really lost any significant weight, and you can see by my updated photos that there isn't much of a difference to the old carcass either. I can kind of see some movement of blubber on my back, but lets be honest... you have to really try hard to see the difference!

Oh well, I am not worried about it and I am happy in my very very slow progression or 'turtling' as Tina might say. I am certainly not going up so PHEW!

I currently have other annoyances. Check these out. I am flummoxed to say the least. I have lupus right... however, I have never had a rash with it, and my bloods are all fine showing no inflammation and my ANA test is also fine. So what the heck are these bad boys?

and a close up:

another, just like it's brother but smaller:

One that is a trinity of scratchyness:

and one that's on the return - by tomorrow it will be a horror on the bra line:

I have obviously consulted many many a photo on google of discoid lupus rash and this is pretty much the same. It has been scraped *wince* two times and analyzed for bugs or microbial pests, does not respond to steroid creams of varying strengths, fungicidal creams of many varieties, antihistamines or a bleeding good scratching.

Its a pest and a thorough annoyance. Two of them are in really 'wrong' areas. as a teacher it is not the done thing to st scratching yourself in lessons, but even more so on your bikini line or bra line! The big nasty back one is fair game though as is the one on the other side.

all of these weird things are on my trunk so I just don't know what they are but I have had them for about a year now in varying degrees of size and they are multiplying at about 1 new one every 3 months or so.

So there you go. any ideas on a postcard to

"Run Rabbit Run, The Warren, Bunnyville, England"

Thank you.


  1. Poor Bunny, that looks so uncomfortable. Can't help you, but I'd be insisting on seeing a dermatologist, with your history in tow. Or perhaps you've already tried that...

  2. Thanks hun. x
    Saw the doctor 3 weeks ago and I got my appointment through today for 5th May. Not long to wait!!!!! Hence the post LOL!!

  3. It does look uncomfortable...sorry!

  4. I really feel for you!! I have had some problems, but not to this degree thank god!! Hopefully the Dermatologist will be able to help you. I was tested for Lupus, but so far, so good....keep us posted. Thinking good thoughts that you will get relief soon. :)

  5. I hope the dermo gives you some ideas. My family is prone to 'rashes' as well. I had one last Winter and my dad and sister get great swathes of them. Have you tried sunshine? I have a friend at work that uses a tanning bed..I give him a hard time that he is just using it as an excuse to get a good tan :)..he swears by it however.


  6. Is it any better? How are you?

  7. How's things??