Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Positive thinking...

My Mantra

It is the aim of my band to restrict my eating - not to give me an eating challenge!

I will henceforth eat little portions until I feel my band and then stop, rather than challenging my gullet to a dietary trench filling contest.

1.) I have lost weight - currently 16 stone 7 pounds. So that is 1 pound off in 10 days (although in actual fact its more because I never tracked the weight going up a little higher than that during that 10 days... hee hee) 21 pounds in total.

2.) I am roughly 1/5th of the way to my target weight.

3.) It is midday and I am eating my breakfast because I haven't been hungry until now

Today's food stuffs...

50g Granola (the healthy low GI one)

pitta bread, lettuce and hummous

Nakd raw food bar

Dinner... Not decided yet. I guess one of my pouch meals or soups. yummy

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