Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Bits about my band...

Well, as you all know I had a band fill on Sunday. I have updated my weightloss on the ticker at the top of my page because I want to see the results for real rather that live in cuckoo land, and I have edited the weight record too.

So, now I am at 7mls, how do I feel? Well, I'm not hungry. I haven't HMS'd or PB'd either.

I have joined a new scheme. Originally I bought it from a company called Diet Chef. I thought it would be the same as that diet I tried several years ago (see very old posts) called Body Chef, where they deliver your food ready to be cooked all in a ha,per 2 times a week and you just munch your way through it. This was before I had my band obviously. However, Diet chef is slightly different. It gives you a breakfast, snack, lunch and evening meal for £190 a month. Now, that is a lot of money to stump up at once, but I bit the bullet and went for it because I wanted to have food ready for this month so that I can really push ahead and go for it to lose the excess I have put on during my time 'sans saline'.

This is what you get:

You have 125ml milk allowance and you can have any amount of veg with your main meal as long as its not potatoes or high cal ones.

I started on Friday, and was hungry several times during the day, even though I had a banana and also a pitta bread with my soup. Saturday was the same, and I was very hungry between meals, but forced myself to stick with it. Sunday was a different story. Obviously I had my fill in the morning, so couldn't eat anything before that, and I was STARVING when I went in to see Wendy, but afterwards I was not hungry. I had half my snack bar, plus several soft drinks during the day and then my dinner when I got in... just the packet amount nothing extra, and I felt fine. I didn't even have my soup. Yesterday was good too. I had my soup for breakfast, granola for lunch, snack in the afternoon and dinner in the evening with a corn on the cob. I did not feel hungry all day.

BUT, now I know what is in the Diet chef meal box... WHEN WILL THESE PEOPLE LEARN... I can now buy it individually MUCH cheaper. I can buy (including shipping):

32 packets of Lizzi's Granola for £15.51

( http://www.good-carb-food.co.uk/ )

36 (not just 28) Nakd bars in 4 different flavours for just £22.00

( http://www.naturalbalancefoods.biz/ )

28 packets of soups in 4 flavours for just £44.52

28 packet meals in 11 different flavours for under £82.00

( both from http://www.lookwhatwefound.co.uk/ )

Which is a total of £164. That will save me a nice £36 a month. So guess what I will be doing?

This is much cheaper than Slimfast or Lighter Life, tastes great and is REAL food where you can still get your veg in as well. All the food is really wholesome and made from 'happy' animals who go to the slaughter house with a smile on their face and a wink in their eye and all that tripe too apparently...

However, I have been in EXCRUCIATING AGONY since Sunday evening. I seem to be a person who suffers big time when they have a fill. So, after spending all of yesterday in bed - literally high on codeine, I went to the doctors and have been prescribed antibiotics because the scar is swollen and inflamed and red rimmed. Not the best picture in the world, but you can see its not flat like it should be...

I have no idea why this has to happen to me, but it just does. Each fill I have seems to give me more and more pain. I had yesterday off work, and today too. I just NEED this thing to get a move on and help me to stay hunger free. I really truly am fed up now and I want to get cracking. I am glad I purchased the monthly food package, because it means I have food right there, right now, right when I need it and I don't have to just grab something.

I actually just eaten some of my Nakd bar. I started to feel a bit peckish (it's just gone 2pm), and I have only been able to eat 3/4 of it and then had to stop. Too big bites I think, and had to HMS - the residual effects are subsiding right now and I will finish the rest of the bar off in 10 minutes or so.

It's funny, because it is not food that regurgitates, but saliva. I seem to stop eating when I have had enough and my mouth seems to make more saliva and it is this that eventually made me have to be sick. That was what came up anyway, not the bar!

These bars are yummy! The chocolate one is my favorite. It's that raw chocolate taste... slightly bitter/sour and I love it. Its like having something naughty. They are completely uncooked, totally raw food which is great and very filling. Considering they are only 100 cals each the sustenance you get from them is much more than any other 'bar' I have tried. I like the Kellog's Special K breakfast bars... but only because of taste. They don't touch the sides or keep me full or anything. There is a hell of a lot of nutrition in these too and they are low in their glycemic load.

Anyway, am off to bed for a sleep as my guts are out of control with pain.


  1. Good luck buying direct-i tried this and they dont have the same variety -all take at least a week to deliver and I have to wait in for 4 seperate deliveries!!

    I'm sticking with Diet Chef I love the Pasta and also the three bean chilli.

  2. Not Kevin Dorren of go Lower fame...?? that would be strange, what are you eating Diet chef meals for when you run a similar programme... or have you invested in Diet Chef too...Hmmm

    If not, then thanks for the advice, but I am home all day and would rather save £36 and eat similar meals. Oh and I thought the pasta had a decidedly 'soft' quality akin to Heinz Baby 10 month pasta bake which I used to give my son. Yuk.

  3. Glad you're getting in control of the situation again! :)

  4. Sorry to hear you are having so much pain after a fill.... But keep us informed how you go:) The food doesn't sound too bad.