Thursday, 27 October 2011

Dinner Debate

Just trying to decide what to have for dinner tonight.

I have made a batch of brinjal bhaji which is currently slow cooking in the oven. It's quite involved and uses a heck of a lot of oil, which you then strain on at the end, but even so it seems a bit toe curling to use that much oil to start with.

Because of it's time consuming nature, all the different spices, different stages of frying, blending, frying again, chopping and tasting here and there, I am loathe to give it away.

I want that baby for me. I can portion it up and its good band food - even with the oil.

The other option is courgette gratin and roast chicken.

I can get DH to get a roast chicken from Tesco and then we can just serve it on up with the gratin. Courgette cooked in this way is the only way in my opinion. My mum used to chop them up and boil them.

Oh crikey. Awful.

So yeah, they haven't exactly been one of my favorite veg since then. I have 10 of the things though, so I need to cook them. One is half rotten already so I have minus days to use them up.

My recipe is this:

(quantities as per your own fancy!)
1 packet of stuffing mix - Paxo or own brand - which ever - but the sage and onion one or the apple one that you can get around this time of year is also great.
10 or so courgettes
cheddar cheese
salt and pepper.

You actually grate the courgette unto a big bowl. Put in the salt and pepper and mix it all up. Add grated cheese and mix it all in. Make the stuffing in a bowl with boiling water and the butter and then dump in to the courgette cheddar mess and mix.

Put it in large greased glass oven dish - so its about 1.5inches deep all over the dish - sprinkle on a bit more cheese and then back for 20 mins or so until its brown and crispy on top.

This is so unbelievably yummy, cheap and simple you can go wrong.

Ok, I have decided. That's what we are gonna have. I will take a photo when its done.

Today has been very boring. I have had 2 cups of ginger tea. Yum. 1 cuppa soup. One triangle of toblerone (25g) And that's it.

I have bummed around on facebook wasting my life and then I have cleared the kitchen up a bit. I ponced around with the aubergines to make the brinjal bhaji (aubergine/egg plant) for a bit too.

I went back on facebook and deleted my sons account. I have a facebook account that we can all use, so it's better that way. If he wants to talk to someone they can add me and then I can be the all seeing one in the family once again. This was his idea by the way. Freaky. I can't understand it sometimes.

Yesterday, someone added my Darling Son. He already has an alias (no way is he having his real name out there) and there is no one else on the whole of facebook called this alias fake name. He also doesn't have his real photo. Naturally! So this kid added my son. He doesn't even know who it is - obviously - because it is one of the kids who hurls abuse at my son on every occasion and is a horrible little bully. So DS said he can't be bothered with it and its more hassle than use.


Band.... hmmm I Get the feeling Albert is not going to toe the line well today for some reason. I can kind of feel him in there which is never a good sign. We shall see.


  1. yummo-both sound really good to me. We all have facebook accounts in this house too..So far there has not been any problems but I do keep a sharp eye out for things like you have just experienced with your son. It is too bad that the world cannot just be a pleasant place with all nice people eh?


  2. Still trying to pick up my jaw from reading your previous two posts. (Note to self - never ever EVER get lodgers, particularly male). I can also imagine the grim satisfaction to be derived from knowing you were right about your health all the way along.
    Like your recipe, but you won't catch me grating four courgettes - too much like hard work. Would it be just as good if you lliquidised them, I wonder...