Friday, 22 April 2011


small roar.

Like what a lion would do if someone said to a sad lion in a cage "GROWL SUCKER!"


Like... um, yeah.

Feeling a tad pants. No real reason, just the usual. Weightloss about 100g a month so pretty rubbish.

"The right way though" I hear you say.

Yeah, it's the right way. Hopefully by April 2036 I will be at goal. Who knows. Seems a little far off if ya know what I mean.

Do you know what I mean?

I just keep rolling that "4 years maaaaannnn" over in my head and feeling like a failure. No, not a failure, like I was failed. I feel cheated again and miserable.

*Massive sigh*.

On a positive note, having a fill tomorrow. Cant freaking afford it at all, but what the heck.

Just so you know how much I can eat, at breakfast time, with a band... check this out:

Do I feel guilty? Hell yeah!!! I should not be able to eat this food porn. The only plus is that it was 100% homemade, organic everything and the bread was my own too. Yeah, I know - doesn't matter a fig does it.

Hence the fill... I am thinking 0.25ml...

I need a boost. And quick.


  1. I want some of that... Looks lovely, except the strange custom in this otherwise lovely country to ruin it with BAKED BEANS. I'd agree you need a fill though.

    Don't waste time with the old guilt. Long before 2036 you'll start to see the difference, and that will drag you kicking and screaming out of the slough of despond, just you wait.


  2. Slow and steady...I would be satisfied with down right now too :) I hate English breakfast :(...a good coffee and toast will do me fine.

    David is eating it daily though...