Monday, 15 February 2010

Sorry guys

Too long no write. Sorry about that. Soooo much happening over here and nothing really about the lapband or weightloss... I have been the same weight since December now...

So, the operation on my bladder was NOT a success. How could I dare to think otherwise. I still have exactly the same pain as I had before, but also a nice 6 weeks of extra pain and nastiness into the mix. Only in the last week have things finally settled down so that the Detrusitol tablets actually mask the pain again. I have had a course of antibiotics which did nothing, and then because the pain was practically unbearable, they gave me Co-Amoxiclav which made me feel even worse, have diarrhoea and sickness and headaches and STILL not clear it up.

I finished those pills 2 weeks ago, and its only just starting to subside. That pain is so wearing and all consuming. You cant get away from it. 1x30mg codeine tablet does nothing 2x30mg makes me off my face and a danger to myself and the population at large. No win.

I just haven't felt like sitting at the computer typing as the pain in the nethers is just too horrible on this chair.

There has been a lot of other stress too... Good stress, and bad stress all at the same time. Between my last post and now, my husband has quit his job, taken on a lease and is opening a Jewellery shop. From scratch. *GULP*

This is excellent and horrifying at the same time. We get the keys on 1st March and then he has 4 weeks notice to serve. We open 3rd April.

The shop we have rented is a shell. Everything has to be done from scratch. Its damp and has been empty for 6 months, so we need to get some dehumidifiers in there on 1st March. Then a thorough cleanse is in order. A big clean up and vax the carpets etc. Then begins the decorating, and renovating and shop fitting. At this moment in time we know where everythings coming from... we just havent bought it yet. I cant stand the thought of the house full of stuff like desks, counters and paint and stick and all kinds of stuff.

This is a huge project and its got to be pulled off by 3rd April by muggins here. DH will be working 9-5 in his own job, and its up to me to get the other shiz done. I am pretty sure I can do it, but its really daunting cos this is for our livelihoods.

Bandwise... well it was my 3rd anniversary in lapband land yesterday. 3 years. That is actually quite unbelievable as yesterday after 2 days of not being able to eat or drink, I was seriously contemplating an emergency appointment with Wendy and having it all taken out. Funny huh!

3 years guys, and I have lost 20 lbs (not quite 1 and a half stone)

Yesterday evening I managed a coffee, then some cheese sauce (NO MSG BEFORE YOU ASK!!!) and then some sugary sweet chew bar as I was shaking like a hypo.

Today is another day. Off we go again.

I am off to London for the day today with DH and DS. should be good. Wondering wot a salad at Pizza Express will be like after the last couple of days dramas....


  1. OMG Bunny, that is absolutely terrible! I've had one solitary kidney infection since you last blogged, and had six hours to endure before getting medication (on a Sunday) and it taking effect, during which time it was absolutely hideous - combination of pain in bladder and sharp backache - and I was virtually crying non stop. I can't even begin to imagine what it must be like for you, day after day. AND you're planning to refurbish a property as well...
    Do hope you'll keep us updated. Thinking of you.

  2. hi there!! Have been wondering where in the world you had gone. I almost emailed a few times but was not sure what was going on. if you have not been able to eat I would NOT have salad!! I cannot even go there and have not for some time. hurl even the smallest bits of the stuff.

    Stress does my band up into knots as do that maybe the problem? I think this thing takes a lot of head work and babying fill and unfill wise. Perhaps it will kick in someday.

    Good luck on the jewelry store! It is scary but could be awesome don't you think? I am getting ready to quit my job and start a consulting business plus go back to homeschooling Grace-There sure is a lot or up front work and I am not even planning on a storefront with stuff to sell!! eek.

    Congrats and don't be such a stranger!!

    We are planning on coming over in June but no tickets yet (have to save up a bit more still).