Friday, 15 May 2009

Hey hey on the way

Ok, had a few good days. I have sworn off the evil drink (boo hoo) as I know that's just liquid calories, all be it nice liquid calories!! Haven't had any sick making incidents, and have had evening meals and even a couple of lunches without a problem. They haven't bee the best of choices however, but still better than snacking and junk.
I have had sausage and chips, curry, fish fingers, chicken Kiev and a few other things that aren't fabulous diet wise, but no junk and no wine. Will weigh myself again on Monday and see where we are at.

I am also going back to slimmingworld as I like the weekly weigh in and it helps keep my mind focused on weight loss. Then on Wednesday evening I am going for an NLP session with a local lady who is excellent. I need to get over my fear of the band going wrong. I think my block is psychological, and I think it needs to be something deeper that counselling or similar, and I need it fixed fast.

Tonights tea is Shepherds Pie & Peas. strictly this is cottage pie as I am making it with Beef, not lamb but I gre up with it being called sheperds pie, so thats what I call it now. I think real shepherds pie is gross and minced lamb disgusting. Its way too fatty, even for me!

Tuesday our Romanian Truck driver lodger Stefan left the establishment. It was with a huge sigh of relief as he really did make us worried. He came back one night absolutely paralytic - and had driven over 20 miles to get back home. He could hardly stand. I reported him to the police and told them he didn't have insurance either (he told me that!) and the next night he didn't come home.

I did have thoughts that he'd been nicked, but then his friend brought him home to collect a few bits for a trip to London. He came back that evening, and the next day a friend came and picked him up for work. The same friend brought him home again and then turned up again the following morning to take Stefan to London again. It was when he came home that evening (Tuesday) and said he was moving to London and his friend was there to help him move his stuff that I put 2 and 2 together. 3 days I hadn't seen the car, and now he was off to London! His car had obviously been written off or taken by the police and now he was off. Whatever, he is out of here. I don't want people like that running around my house.

Right, off to have my hair cut.


  1. Yayyyyyy Good for you. Im in for a fill tomorrow....Im a little scared as the eating has been good this week (tasty good not restriction good). It has been nice to be a little relaxed about whether something is going to set my stomach off or not-but I am ready for a smaller size so off I go.

    Keep working it bunny-You can do it!!


  2. We want pictures of hair cut please.

    You are doing amazing to get back on. I find I need the support of a group, the weekly weight in helps to keep me focused. I am really glad for you that your eating is fast approaching something like normal.

    Well done for having the guts to report your lodger. That takes guts and strength. I'm not sure I could do it, although eventually something would have to be done. There is too much in the news about drunk drivers. I would like to see a zero tolerance, but it won't happen.


  3. So what have the last 5 days been like then???
    (By the way, sounds like you're having nasty experiences with lodgers - all the disadvantages and none of the advantages...)