Saturday, 8 November 2008

Happy Band-REDO-iversary

Whoop Whoop


Wow, I cant believe its been a year since all that pile of cack went down. This time last year I was sitting in bed with my bunk mate in Brugge for the second time in a year awaiting surgery tomorrow morning.

So whats happened in a year..? Weight wise.. well I was 17 stone 12lbs this time last year and today I am 16 stone 7. So that's 1 stone 5 pounds off (19lbs) which I suppose I should be glad at.

Then of course I have spent about 4 months being too tight and not losing anything, and then 2 months being wide open and bunging on a stone while they oh-so-carefully put back in the precious fluid ml by ml which I had had removed in the first place (all at £85 a stab BTW!)

So, I am not too happy, but in a strangely better frame of mind about the coming year. I have lost 2 and a half stone since I had my band done. This is more than I EVER lost through slimming world, weight watchers, Atkins or any of those other pile of crap diets I tried. So success...? Yes I think so.

One thing that is resoundingly clear is that I fight the band. This is not the weight loss miracle that you think at the outset. Its beset with difficulties, misery and emotional problems - and that's if it goes ok! If it goes wrong, as it did with me, then add to that even more stress and misery and pain.

I constantly want a day off from my band and I don't think a day goes by when I don't wish I could eat *something* whatever it might be. Would I have it taken out? No. Would I do it again? Yes, I guess I would. I know deep down I just have to play along with this game and I will actually win. I do sometimes wish I went for the bypass... but on the other hand that can have its problems too so nothings as straightforward as we think it will be.

So onto the next phase.

I am secretly pleased that this year has gone because I feel like I am back where I should be and if I lose another 2 and a half stone this year I will be looking pretty fine.

I am going to go for it and not think back.

(famous last words right!)


  1. You've certainly had your ups and downs and I know what you mean about wanting a day off but I think we'd all do it again. That awful dieting treadmill is the pits of despair and this road offers some hope. I hope the next q12 months is fantastic!

  2. Congratulations on the redo-versary. Every bandster has a different journey and yours has certainly been fraught with difficulties. But you have a great attitude about it. This next year will have great results for you. I feel it.

  3. Happy band-redo-aversary!! Do you remember what it was like to be wide open and be able to eat everything? Did you like that? did you feel in control? We all want a "break" from the band, but ideally you should be able to eat a little but of the norti stuff and still lose weight.. :)

  4. So Long time no read :) What have you been up to? I have been lame on my blog as well. Too much work and driving around the state. Go read my blog-you are never going to believe it!!!


  5. Where have you gone hon? Don't stop posting!! :)