Tuesday, 20 November 2012

TA DA!!! I did it!!

There it is everyone... my complete mountain range along this expedition.

I have a little way to go to make it to my summit as you can see from my ticker at the top of the blog, but I am over half way. It has been a MAD journey.

I can't believe that the beginning descent as a banded person was way back in February 2007.

All those little dots mean so much to me - either in a bad way or a good way.

All that time until the final descent on the right had side was me and my band.

That final descent was me ON MY FREAKING OWN!

I had it in me to do this thing right from when I made my decision to have a lap band - I just didn't think I could do it and that I was a failure.

Truth was, I was not allowing myself to succeed.

All you people out there struggling with your band - take a look at that graph and see my battle. I whined, I was overjoyed, I whined and whinged and whined a bit more and then had a bit of success and then none.

Then see the point where I empowered myself to get this thing together and get cracking.

I had to accept some hard and very nasty facts about myself, but it did the trick.

I think all of us who struggle with our weight think we have a slow metabolism. I knew I did from the day I got fat. It wasn't my fault. Well - I got it tested and I was fine. In fact my metabolism was a couple of clicks faster than the norm. Bummer!!

That did it for me. It gave me a top limit (1947 calories) which I could never eat over ever again in my life. It also gave me a bottom starting figure for losing weight which was about 1500. I was not allowed to eat less than this.

It is a fallacy that you will lose it quicker if you eat less than this... you might to start out losing a lot but you will lose the will to live. You're body just cant hack it long term. On my new plan I had lunch and dinner and then there was still often times 600 calories left. I wasn't allowed to eat less so I went to the shop and bought a massive bar of chocolate - one of those slab type ones and eat the lot. 1st week I lost 6 pounds!!!!

This has to be the nicest way to lose weight ever. I am hungry and know I can eat. I am not puking up or missing out on nice meals with my family. I am not cooking and someone else doing the eating. I have wine, and cheese, and cake and Chinese take away and curries. MMMMmmm I actually feel like I live like a normal person and each and every time I have got on the scales I have lost weight.
I have even been on an all inclusive holiday  - all the food and drink you can stomach - and STILL not gained!!

If you are struggling I SERIOUSLY urge you to give this a go with every fibre of your being.

If you have a fill it usually costs between £50 and £200 in the UK. Mine were £125 but it depends on your provider and if you had it done privately or NHS etc.

This test cost me £40. The subscription to LIVESTRONG.COM was about £20.

Best £60 I ever spent.

It's easy. Look at that weight dropping off me!!!!

I have every confidence that I will be my goal weight well before next summer. That will be a DREAM COME TRUE.

Today I weigh EXACTLY the same weight as I did at my brothers wedding in August 2008. That was my lowest ever weight since being morbidly obese.

I am not morbidly obese now. I am overweight.

The next battle I have is to try and not think that I am happy here where I am. I am very happy that I have reached this milestone again - one I never thought would happen - but I am not happy at this level of fatness. I have another 22kgs to go or about 45lbs. Something like that.

So that's my new diet. I'm gonna call it the "Wait - Don't get a Gastric Band Just Yet" diet.

Here it is:

Go get a Resting Metabolic Rate test - RMR. You can get this done in most gyms or leisure centres.

Look at your RMR. Whatever that number is take 500 calories off it.

e.g. my RMR was 1947. Take 500 away = 1447

Eat that lower limit. DON'T EAT LESS and don't eat significantly more. You must eat all of the lower limit cals. If you do fancy a blow out - then don't go more than your RMR.

Every time you lose 2 pounds (1 kgs) take 5 calories off of your lower limit.

e.g. lower limit is 1447. lose 2 pounds adjust lower limit to 1442

This all becomes much easier with a calorie programme like Livestrong as it auto adjusts your lower limit as you lose weight.

It works. Seriously. If you're struggling to lose weight why not try it. What have you got to lose?
You don't have to have your RMR measured if you use livestrong - and it has a free option so it's possible to not spend anything doing this.

I wanted to get it tested clinically for my own realisation and torture ;-) I have it sellotaped to my wall to remind me I am normal and being overweight is not because I have a slow metabolism.

That's my advice. I am enjoying losing weight now and it was as easy as pie.