Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Might as well

It's been a while. Nothing much has been up, but nothing much has been good either. Getting used to not going out in the sun has been a bitch, even though there hasn't been many good sunny days. The ones there have been - picnics and boat rides... have had to be cried shy of and it's making me feel like total scum.

Now, top this...

and yes, I am sure you are all going to think that I am pulling your leg... but alas no -

I have a tumor on my foot.

For heavens sake man.

My life sucks one big fat hairy hole at the moment.

I just thought it was another lupus/bunny load of rubbish achey crud, but not.

So I have to have an op on my foot where they cut the sucker out. 2 inch gash either on top (cutting through the tendons that hold my little toe bone to the next one in) or 2 inch gash on the bottom (resulting in inability to walk for 6 weeks)

I have however lost the piddliest bit of weight, guess that's a good thing, but am about to embark on my favorite pastime of the day - dinner.

I don't eat all day as it's just not worth the frigging hassle, and eat at night.

One meal a day and you would assume the weight would be begging to leave... but sadly my body likes to hate me and my fat cells seem all together too comfy on my carcass for my liking.

that's where we are at... keeping it real, trying to eat less, gym has been given up until surgery is over as apparently "you should not have been exercising with this tumour Mrs. Bunny" well WHO KNEW???

anyways, love to all

x bunny x

startled in the headlights, but still alive