Monday, 2 March 2009

Busy busy

Lots of things to do and so little time. I have been relatively bad with my eating, mainly junk and easy stuff... but never over the top. So I have managed to keep the same weight, which is a blessing considering the week I have had. If ever there was a time when I would have liked to pig out and eat junk, then this was it.

Money is really tight this month as I only had 2 weeks work last month because of the half term and the band nightmare lesson cancellation rubbish. I am going to take tomorrows earnings as well because March is a full 4 week month of work with no school holidays in it, and that will help us out this month.

I also have the car MOT this month, and it will be typical of my life for there to be some horrendous thing wrong with it. I only just had a big bill for it, so hopefully it wont cripple us.

I did the most unbelievable thing yesterday. I mean, talk about penny pinching miser! I did a shop online at Tesco for delivery tonight. They then email you what you ordered and the prices. So I printed this off and went to Lidl. We compared everything on the list with the same item in the store and saved £25!!
The things that were cheaper at Lidl were:
Cat food
Robinsons blackcurrant squash
Washing up liquid
Dishwasher salt
Dishwasher tablets
Kitchen towel

I was surprised that margarine, tinned tomatoes and sweetcorn, fabric softener were all surprisingly more expensive than Tescos. I was very surprised... so I am going to do the same each month as £25 is huge saving really! What I need to be careful about is not buying extra things because I am there and they look nice. I always find I save money if I order online because you don't get that pull of the eyes luring you into a purchase! Most of the money saved was on cat food - £13. We buy all the cat food at the beginning of the month, so it normally comes to about £56. This month it was £43. Bargain.

So back to the band news... well I still have restriction even after the unfill, so that's good. I think if she had taken the whole 0.5mls out then it would be different, but it feels ok right now. Infact this is most probably good place for it to be. That extra 0.3 was a tad too restrictive and obviously led to immense strife on the whole water consumption thing. So This is good. I can eat, but not loads and I have to go slowly and I have to think and stuff like that. good good.

Anyway, as always wine is becoming a problem. I love it so much, and I just cant help having the odd glass or 10, so this week would have been a loss I reckon had it not been for the booze. However, this month we are so skint, that I don't think I could afford a look at a glass of wine let alone drink one!! So it could be a blessing in disguise.

Another thing is that Rob, our lodger, could be leaving at the end of this month which will be grim because he pays a fortnight in advance, so we could lose £120 this month. Well - I say 'lose', but its not really lost. I mean we used the £120 he gave us when he first moved in obviously, so it will just feel like we are getting nothing for the last 2 weeks, and this is totally the wrong month for that to happen in. I hope he just has another couple of weeks an then it will be cool.

We already have someone in the pipeline should he blow on us, so that's a relief.

Mary is now started her confinement and is 'lying in' like the Queen of Sheba as she is about to deliver another bunch of bouncing kittens... She is right here with me in the office. Its perfect because the utility room is right outside the door and everythings close at hand. It was good in the caravan but it meant we had to trek outside and stuff like that. She wasn't happy not being with us a lot too, whereas now she is all cosy tucked up with me most of the day and has been very quiet and content in her lying in state. She is massive. I have put her in the maternity ward simply because she was finding it hard to get up on the counter to eat her dinner and also get out of the cat flap, so its only fair.

The last Tom was seen sniffing around her about 7 weeks ago, so she has 2 weeks maximum until delivery, and I am pretty sure she was got at before that, so it could be anytime really. It is nice knowing a date though... makes it a lot less stressful. Poor Mary was in the caravan on her own for 4 weeks last time as we just didn't know when she was going to have them and I couldn't risk her having them in the bed or under the kitchen sink or something with my Dad being ill and all that crap happening.

Its much easier confining them to one room ad being able to keep them safe.

Anyway, will let you know when they arrive!!